This is my very first Blog! It’s intention is to express how I feel about music. I love how it can affect people and unite us.

The name of the blog comes from a review for a band that i was going through to gauge what kind of sound the band had. The reviewer said that they band was “… Heavy in sentiment, rather than sonics.” and that really hit me. I just loved the idea of that because it was such a foreign concept to me. I had always thought that to be heavy ,you needed to have a heavy sound, or have all these screaming guitars and loud vocals and blasting drums. But this band had really changed my view on it and really gave me this new and beautiful on a way to view music as a whole.

The Heavy in Sentiment Blog will mainly be from the viewpoint of someone who primarily listens to a lot of metal and it will be brought up on multiple times I’m sure, but it will not be exclusively that. I want the “Heavy” to be a double meaning, for the heavy music that I love, but also for the music that is emotionally heavy for me. Because music has been so special to me for so long, there has been plenty of bands or songs that have impacted me on an emotional level and I feel that it is important to try to share that message and how it has impacted me in one way or another.

We all have different options and I recognize that. I realize that my taste is different, and that is OK! What people like is subjective and  that is what makes life fun. My goal is to write about these topics in an easy to understand way for everyone in any walk of life.

This originally started as my New Year’s Resolution for 2017, so lets hope that this will be the one that sticks among other things.

I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!